June Review


Productive month. As I had desired for June.


Got much done for informing.org design

  • Label
    • of words in-paragraph
    • whole paragraph
    • several paragraphs (section)
  • Expandable UX
    • In-line
    • Whole-paragraph


Got new organization setup. A timelog system that works.

Doing good progress on the development.

Web3 Foundation News

Got recommended from a friend to apply to Idea Bounty of re-structuring ecosystem of online news.

In this challenge, we want you to rewrite the rules on how we experience media online. [..] Web3 is uniquely positioned to create a healthier media landscape through transparency, incentives, identity, and reputation. We leave it to you to design the new conditions for trust in media, and offer the following provocations as a place to get started

Thus far I been writing around 3.000 words on Knowledge Consenus, Reputation, Modern UX. Will publish the paper on Informing.org and send into Web3 Foundation before 10th July.



Moved to Prague late May and found a very nice co-working space with an outdoor area and great co-workers.

Because of issues with landlord, excessive public smoking, NoFap habit unsolved and original plans to live in Stockholm, I left Prague late June to live in Stockholm.


Did some hiking, found the Czech nature beautiful. Found good companions to hang out with in Prague. Philosophical Meetup was wonderful, something I’ll try to set up in Stockholm.

July plan

Begin again with NoFap

My overall progress in NoFap has been great. It’s much better today than two years ago. May was great. June was a bit different, throughout the whole month I struggled with NoFap.

Mainly to deal with old habits and a variety of stress and pressing issues. To relief myself from this bad habit, I need to do things that work. Shaming, writing down and isolating myself after falling back isn’t good because its shown to make me binge (do several more same day).
If possible I will map up my life-systems when I fall back, what brings me there. I am moving into a flat this afternoon and want to be able to work from home there, without feeling the need to go to public workspaces, because that is one main driver of NoFap for me.

Habit tracking for July

I will start doing habit-tracking (write down each action I do each day, including thoughts). For now, I’ll include timestamp when relevant. What would be ideal is the spreadsheet with 4 columns:
Timestamp, time since, action, comment.
Timestamp is automatically insetted when inset action. Time since user (I) can enter if action happened ca 30 minutes or 180 minutes ago.


  • Setup automatic time-tracking with Timing (Time 4, Imp: 3, Urgency 3)
  • Setup Habit Tracking (Time 2, Imp 7, Urg 9)
  • Apply for Web3 Foundation competition before July 10 (Time 9, Imp: 9, Urg, 9)
  • Read all opened incognito tabs on iPhone (Time 9, Imp 2, Urg, 2)

Remain productive

I now have a base to stay for a few months. As mentioned moving into a room in central Stockholm this afternoon. Will be trying out office-spaces this week, hopefully I can combine libraries + work from home to save some money.

Either way, June was a fairly productive month and I believe July will be even better.

Getting closer and closer to large-scale-impact projects being built.

I’m glad if you enjoyed readings this.

Best wishes,

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