January review

Productively shaping the form of Dumbledore.com. Free-time filled with lots of road-biking. Desierable habits going decent.

Meta: About this monthly reviews

I been doing this Monthly Reviews since April and although its hard to tell cause & effect, I do believe it has aligned me more clearly with the goals I set for the next month, to be accountable to the possible audience reading this blogs, whether in the present or in the future. Transparency creates accountability which creates a good life and impact. Hence, I’ll continue with them, and work on networked-content to create even more transparency & accountability in my life.

Work: Knowledge Web

The long-term plan of creating Knowledge WebKnowing the truthfulness of claims, sharing what you do online (making the entire web social), easier living a fulfilling life online and offline will be possible through Knowledge Web are taking shape. Next month will be the initial launch of Dumbledore.com, a first step towards building an impactful organization building the content operating systemA content operating system will connect all content-apps you have today (notes, news, social media, videos, messages) and give you an experience that suit your needs fit for next generation of the Internet.

Personal: bike-touring

Been traveling by bike through New Zealand. Me and a friend bring with our laptops on the bike bag to bike & work for a month. I’m fairly new to road biking so it hits my legs quite a bit as we do 100km rides. That creates good resting/work days tho. Very nice scenery and inspiration being here. Listening to lots of podcasts while biking. Been above expectations on the productivity that been possible on the resting days.

Month ahead

The main deliverable for February is to release Dumbledore.com before 17th February. The website will describe the organizational setup, the product roadmap and showcase some design solutions. In the free-time, I will continue bike-riding and be inspired by the beautiful nature.

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