February review

New content designs are soon to be released on Dumbledore.com. Been traveling, but will now stay in the same location for two months.

Meta: About this monthly reviews

I been doing this Monthly Reviews since April and although its hard to tell cause & effect, I do believe it has aligned me more clearly with the goals I set for the next month, to be accountable to the possible audience reading this blogs, whether in the present or in the future. Transparency creates accountability which creates a good life and impact. Hence, I’ll continue with them, and work on networked-content to create even more transparency & accountability in my life.

Work: Knowledge Web

The Dumbledore.com website is set to feature some innovative content-forms. Still lots of content-innovation to be done to start mapping arguments, but its on the right path. It’s motivating to spectate how the scene around claim-verification is getting traction in various communities. Even tho bike-touring and traveling have got quite a lot of design-work done throughout the month.

Biking 2 weeks from with rewarding views over Mordor

Personal: bike touring finished

Bike touring for the first half of the month was interesting and good time. Did some challenging mountain climbs. Also got on the surf board a couple times. Have had some good meditation sessions, yet not following a consistent schedule. March and April should be productive, as I won’t be traveling but stay in same location, and be able to get into a good routine.

Month ahead

Will continue working on innovative content-formats that can lead to Knowledge Web. A deliverable for the 15th March is to launch an updated version of Dumbledore.com showcasing some of the solutions. For the two months ahead will stay in the same location and should be able to be very productive and get in a good schedule for my desirable habits. As always – will stay transparent and accountable, to ensure that my contributions to the world are productive. Stay tuned!

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