October Review

October Review is hopefully the last review written in plain blog-text, as the progress of October has been so well, that the design-solutions for next-generation textwell-structured/social/personalized/interactive text is just around the corner. In the month of November, I’ll work on implementing these designs, and hopefully start collaborating with more people. Big update of the month, […]

August review

Another month in the marathon of building impactful software-products. August has been productive in the creative sphere. I’m tackling the hard problems of how new information-applications can look like. A few examples of implemented text-inventions: From last month Open text Some example text before. before and after Some example text after. and Open WikiPedia page […]

July review

Why I’m doing monthly reviews: I’m being transparent online because I believe it can create impact. The world is in risk of nuclear war, climate change and dystopia so objectively speaking nothing else matters than combating these trends. In liberal democracies, we have gained much collaboration, motivation and knowledge through transparency, and it’s a trend […]

June Review

Productivity Productive month. As I had desired for June. Informing.org Got much done for informing.org design Label of words in-paragraph whole paragraph several paragraphs (section) Expandable UX In-line Whole-paragraph CSE Got new organization setup. A timelog system that works. Doing good progress on the development. Web3 Foundation News Got recommended from a friend to apply […]

Make Internet great again, with graph-reasoning

Summary(since attention is limited):Graph-reasoning has existed as a concept since the 60s, and are likely soon developed as a software (thanks to AI, crypto and new social entrepreneurs). It is bound to have as much impacton society as Internetitself has had the last two decades. Like all technology, it’s a double-edged sword(both beneficial and harmful) which requires it to […]

May Review

Reviewing my life, not emotionally attached but as information/data, based on 1) Personal enjoyment 2) Personal growth 3) Information Innovation Productivity and 4) Comparison Shopping productivity General life-position thoughts One year of brainstorming Learnt me a lot. Made me disregard tons of business ideas. Aligned my life more and more to first principles. Got hundreds […]

Microexpressions & Language

Humans are animals, not free Try meditating in public, you’ll feel being looked. Dress different, you’ll feel being different. Why so? The moment is what is. Language & narratives are tools, deep in us Being in the moment can make you experience all microexpressions happening in the environment surrounding you. Experiencing moods, desires, perceptions, archetypes are all […]