July review

Why I’m doing monthly reviews: I’m being transparent online because I believe it can create impact. The world is in risk of nuclear war, climate change and dystopia so objectively speaking nothing else matters than combating these trends. In liberal democracies, we have gained much collaboration, motivation and knowledge through transparency, and it’s a trend I wish us to maintain as we progress in this digital age.

Going forward, I hope to move to a more Blog 2.0 format, semi-automatically being public with my life while easily getting feedback, support & motivation from transparency. Rather than monthly, it would be real-time. But that software is yet to be created.

July review

Productivity: Knowledge Net

Drafts from June on Expandable text has now been made into code. More drafts on newer functionality has also been made. The progress is very slow and if continue like this will take months to just get a MVP. But the goal has been to showcase that these things are possible – and to now extend the team to develop features faster.

The ideal design process will be working alongside an experienced front-end developer to create designs together.

Some examples of implemented UX: (note: examples works best in desktop)

  • Open text before and after
  • Open WikiPedia page in sidebar
  • Hover, with button for show-inline.
  • Open text inline (with hinting ‘tooltip’)
  • Hover, with button for show in sidebar
  • Expandable sections, show sections with checkbox and much more, examples at Valid.News

Productivity: CSE

Although haven’t spent many hours, but we as a team has moved forward. From technical standpoint, with ElasticSearch now hosting products, we’re just short of back-end attribute recognition and front-end filter-functionality for launching MVP.

Productivity General

Been working few hours almost every day, including weekends. Still, doing many for-fun-activities.

Had some thoughts on how to increase my impact. One aspect surely is better tools. I still run the classic Notes-taking-app without sync to a todo-list, calendar, project plans, messages. Integrating my notes to my actions would be very beneficial, and it is in the roadmap with Knowledge Net.

During July also launched a website http://valid.news and participated in an essay-competition on Economist.com.


Met good new friends and synced with many old friends. Been hosting Meetups in Stockholm and attending many too. Feels good to be back in home town with deeper friends circle than when traveling.

I’ve lived without smartphone for latter half of July. A bit tricky with meetings but hasn’t been a problem. Found it quite liberating to not wear a phone. Will however likely go back to wearing one in August.

Did a no-stimuli-day during July. Found it challenging but rewarding. Will do another one in beginning of August. Been exercising regularly. Without my phone last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to do daily guided meditations, instead I’ve been doing focus & awareness meditation throughout the day, ca 10-30 minutes per day. In August, I feel I want to have longer, more focused sessions.

Roadmap ahead

Build knowledge-net to 1) use the software to make impact ex. better UX for news-platform, reviews, debates 2) organize my own information better 3) start sharing notes, tasks, activities with others (social web)


Designs on Informing.org (Done)
QuoteMap (quote, rephrase, track quote from ext. source + justify rephrasing)

Designs on Informing.org (Roadmap)
Social QuoteMap Summary (aggregate from debate on justification of rephrasing (ex. shortening, interpretation))
Social QuoteMap Debate (argument-map of different user’s opinions on a quote-rephrasing

DebateMap based on references (any claim, using references for support)
DebateMap on logical reasoning (make claims with/without references. Support by logical reasoning/fallacies)

Collaborate on the roadmap
From now on the roadmap can get assistance from front-end developers & UX designers. Before start with back-end development, should have drafts/front-end of above done.

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