March review

Global brain being shaped.

Meta: About this monthly reviews

I been doing this Monthly Reviews since April and although its hard to tell cause & effect, I do believe it has aligned me more clearly with the goals I set for the next month, to be accountable to the possible audience reading this blogs, whether in the present or in the future. Transparency creates accountability which creates a good life and impact. Hence, I’ll continue with them, and work on networked-content to create even more transparency & accountability in my life.

Work: Global Brain by Dumbledore

Got quite a few steps further this month in how to structure arguments. The idea is that metrics rated on 1-100% like “👍 Agree 👎 Disagree 💪 Certainty 👌 Exactness👋 Importance 🤝 Consensus 😲 Controversial” will connect different arguments. Ex. what is the relation between the 3 claims: “Wearing face masks protects from the coronavirus” and “Although high risk of major breakout Taiwan has considerably few coronavirus cases.” and “Everyone in Taiwan wears face mask”.
Further, lots of new designs on how to embed arguments in a normal webpage (Ex. a social media post or news-article). This will soon be published.

An updated front-page has been released, although yet another re-make has already been started, now to look something like the beginning of a debate platform. Will be published sometime in April.

Taking a hike through the local jungle by the isolation-hideout


As isolating, I’ve gotten into a regular schedule which has helped with me desirable habits. Meditating 30 min every morning after waking up now. Going well thus far. Rarely using Waking Up meditation app – but I pick it up every now and then.

Month ahead

The rocket has starting to be built. Will it take off in April, or still a few months left? Likely it’s a while left – but very soon, a new debate platform – capable for the complexity of debates that the Internet desperately yearn for.

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