May Review

Reviewing my life, not emotionally attached but as information/data, based on 1) Personal enjoyment 2) Personal growth 3) Information Innovation Productivity and 4) Comparison Shopping productivity

General life-position thoughts

One year of brainstorming

Learnt me a lot.

Made me disregard tons of business ideas.

Aligned my life more and more to first principles.

Got hundreds of thousands of words on the software I wish to create.

I am still in the brainstorming stage, but more on the actual specifications of how the software will look like — so its starting to shape to an actual buildable product.

Excited for this summer, as I might move beyond brainstorming and specification phase, to finalize the specifications and start the process of finding building-partners.

At this moment I am still writing down more and more ideas, whilst not really crystallizing the heaps of ideas spread out over 20+ documents and endless amount of notes. My ambition for June is to read through these documents and shape the ideas into a single specification.


New team-member

A new team-member has started onboarding as front-end developer. Based in Melbourne, alongside another co-worker in Mexico City and me in Prague — we are a truly international team.

For readers, CSE = Comparison Shopping Engine (similar to Google Shopping)

Future of CSE

The back-end is almost finished for MVP, and with a new dev joining we are likely to launch MVP in near-term future while having a stable team for pushing the product to mass-market. For your interest in our solutions to consumerism, please see the Medium article Sustainable Shopping can save the planet.

Information Innovation

Update on schedule

In April Review, I set out to “spend 30 minutes every single day on draft of MVP for note-taking app”. The month didn’t quite turn out that way — although total productivity in Information Innovation was above average and personal growth & enjoyment was high.

Progress in May

Clarified specifications for early versions of Publishing, Debating, Note-taking. Still quite diversified — but clearer what features are easily implementable. I also got some new inspiration.

Found some great software that possibly can be built on-top of such as Argdown.


Appreciation of lifestyle

I’m glad that I have the freedom to pursue my dreams — and work on my computer on very innovative things. What I’m looking for now is a team to build this with, and until then — an inspiring co-working space with loving, innovative & thoughtful people. I hope I’ll find one in the next coming days.

An enjoyable month

Spend time with wonderful people, travel to wonderful places. Being on good social energy. Mainly due to surronding myself with great, caring people, continuing with daily meditations with Sam Harris courseand not watching pornography for the whole month of May, something I’m quite proud of as it’s been a long struggle of mine.


What to do in June?
The two main categories of my work is doing Drafts — which seems quite tricky to solve. Other is creating awareness. Writing articles on what problems argument-mapping can solve. Such as:

  • Holding organizations accountable
  • Mapping best paths forward for companies & politics
  • Debunking false claims (fake news)
  • Creating decentralized reputation-economy, rather than capitalism

Writing clear paths to building the above ecosystems can also clarify my design-thinking in how the argument-maps would function.

Altho all gold and glory with a mission the actual implementation needs to be figured out. There’s no shortage of people with this mission, Kialo, Canonical Debates and else. What I need to do is build and present a clear path to a functioning solution.

Therefore, June will have higher priority Design & Drafts than spreading awareness. But when I’m not in flow for design-thinking, I’ll write articles.

And I’ll update the monthly progress, hopefully off Medium by then — on a much more thoughtful platform.

Anyways, I hope you’re learning something and enjoying reading this.

Best wishes,

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