Microexpressions & Language

Humans are animals, not free

Try meditating in public, you’ll feel being looked. Dress different, you’ll feel being different. Why so?

The moment is what is. Language & narratives are tools, deep in us

Being in the moment can make you experience all microexpressions happening in the environment surrounding you. Experiencing moods, desires, perceptions, archetypes are all possible through deep awareness. Its the feeling you get when reading this. The feeling you have right now. Might be subtle, but you can sense it. This is the moment.

We are our moments

Now is happening. You are reading. You are feeling your mood. You are breathing. You are feeling gravity. You are existing.

Any words we apply on top of The Moment are a tool

I’d say human-made tool, but expressing our emotions to others, or internally reflecting our moods has likely been done by all historical & current-living emotional & conscious species.

We are percieving things, reacting to them as an expression. Every moment. Sometimes the expression, reaction or perception is stronger — which could increase our awareness at that moment — usually those stronger perceptions are more strongly effecting our reaction patterns (a type of behavior pattern), which are usually linked to our conditioning (which is biological and cultural, based on our lived experience).

Microexpressions shared in physical space

We are all connected. Sitting in an office is a clear signal how the mood in the office is synchronized. One microchange in your body posture or where your eyes look effect the people closest in sync with you (part of the story, it is rather a 3d graph of dots as agents reacting to your expression (weighted ex. 1–100) with two more axis of 1–100 in sync and 1–100 strongness of their reaction (where sync is defined as other agent’s awareness of you (affected by importance of you for that agent, ability to grasp you (through the 5 senses (altho mainly sight, sound)). This gives a ripple-effect as first 1) everyone around you get affected by what you do (just as you get affected by everyone around you) and 2) those with highest sync to you first react, and those closest in sync with them react to their reaction. This way, we are all connected — but most so with those we share physical space in this moment.

Awareness of connectivity of micro expressions

Your perception & reactions (which are expressed) can increase/decrease with your awareness of the moment. The more aware you are, the more you understand your own reactions & expressions (as a node in the connected space)— as well as that you can increase the perception of what everyone around you is expressing. Somebody reacting very short time-period (less than a second) after you made an expression is high-likelihood (although we primitively assume 100% (or main-stream if ignoring these theories – 0%) correlation) to be more in sync with you (higher value on the expressions you do). This is a basic fundamental how humans work. Operating in the high awareness is… (with no further words to describe whether its good/bad for any reason (ex. increase social skills (likely to do, since at least high social awareness)) interesting.

Micro-expression Awareness as a hobby

A concept I love. Being with a woman and talking about Being. Being present in a social situation. Pointing out micro-reactions and discussing those with the human performing them. Aware of existence (perception, reaction, expression). Time feels longer. So much around us to perceive. Interesting as the whole cloud of awareness — or fully grasping another agent’s expression and staying in the perception & own reaction of — or being aware of the never-ending reaction-chain. Are we on the same page?

Two conscious individuals can approximate but never fully reach same perception of the world

Googling Social Awareness

As you might have noticed from the above writing style, I am writing this in an presence of high social awareness — which I’ve upkept since lunchtime half an hour ago. I was planning to write this article since, and spent a good twenty minutes on it already. This moment I will leave the Medium.com Editor to go to google.com/search?q=social+awareness.

Spending 30 seconds on the SERP (search engine results page) none of the results seems to be corresponding to the definition I’d like to give:

Micro-movements in the Moment — prior to / indifferent to any language is expressed

Thereby, the term Social Awareness is too broad. It involves complex linguistic concepts (ex. group-feelingarticulated by Karl Marx (social consciousness he calls it — although the use of consciousness in this concept is more on a societal concept level than on a human-brain experience level).

Why not try Microexpressions? Does this term apply? Yes — from early on I had a sense in the back of my head this was the right term, but I didnt want to give up on my unique thinking into an already well-developed concept ^^

Lets dive deeper into Microexpressions. [Google SERP]

Paul Ekman is the main contributor to the scientific knowledge of this theory. I actually read one of his books as a teenager. Telling Lies(understanding when someone is lying) certainly influenced my experience in the world. I remember seeing signals (like rapidly looking away with the eyes avoiding eye contact, sudden facial expressions lasting less than half a second before returning to deliberate expressions). Back then, and still today, it is impressive to tap into the experience of picking up microexpressions. It takes plentiful of more energy being that immersed into other’s reactions, but it also gives energy when you can exchange deep positive energies with peers.

Microexpression Awareness

We finally got the term we’re looking for. And so I’ll use that for the title.

I hope you learnt something — and increased your awareness.

Aware regards,

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