September review

Its time again. And this month has been great. Some important steps further in UXUX (User experience) is the experience that a user has while interacting with your product. has been made. As these designs been made, I have been traveling Australia and enjoying life, whilst in the back of my head thinking about the solutions.

Interactive text

Let me present to you: interactive textText that you can click on to see more or less, to see certain types of content (other’s critique, author’s arguments, comments etc). See below for example..

Limiting this framework to where shareholders can be investors, employees and users but no fixed demand on fairness requires a few and some inventions note: even a primitive, heavily-biased framework would still be better than purely-monetary shareholder value maximization such as: ex. ranked by desirability: automatic biometrical emotional recognition ex. body/brain scan, facial expressions, heart rate manual regular 5 min inputs via ex. smart-watch with 1-10 vote manual irregular inputs, ex. once an hour/day/month whenever user feel like it manual irregular voting based on individual reasoning ex. during decision-making, the human individual “think” what outcome will maximize their well-being this is the earliest implementation, but subject to lots of biases however, extremely low technical difficulty , a process for settling on what question gets to be voted on and a DAO or similar to how shareholder-companies vote today..

According to my Mac App Timing I spent 91 hours in front of computer in September, thus a traveling month. Mainly this has been spent on interactive-text design.

Products that can be built from interactive text are CMS (like notes-taking, todolist, blogging) and argument-mapping (fake news debunking, strategy-mapping, decision-making). Been chatting with friends over minimal viable product (MVP)A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development. to build to reach a market and it is likely to either be a personal CMS combining Notes and ToDo or a start of a blogging-platform. More strategy of this is to be determined when more design-elements are finalized in October.


Meditation been decant, done maybe 20/30 days – but had some great meditation experiences still – often reminding myself in situations to be in the moment. Using Sam Harris meditation app Waking Up.

Sustainable E-commerce Portal (SEP)

Gone very slow with the SEP. Back-end work we aimed to do wasn’t being pushed forward and little to no progress has been done. Front-end developer decided to take a break. I have considered writing a post-mortemAn article you write when you shut down the business, containing ex. of why the business failed, lessons learned. on the business. However, decided to not entirely shut it down as hope of it being developed still exists. An official pause until further development is now the case – until future developers picks up the project. If I have time over in October, I will publish the business plan in this new text-format. That is the bottle-neck holding back much, that I soon will be able to share & receive feedback on ideas via an interactive text-format.

Month ahead

In October I will continue on designing interactive text elements and strategize on first products to build with this new designs. By the end of the month, I aim to have some early demo of a product to showcase to you.

Enjoy your October,

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